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Stephanie Bauer
Today, I would like to dedicate it to my very best friend Stephanie who lives her childhood dream and created her jewelry brand.
Never stop dreaming and believe in yourself!!!
Discover all her
creations on her site:

Get inspired, offer you or your beloved fantastic jewelry; they can all be unique and designed based on your wishes.
Like I did :)
Emotion & love have no border; spread it around the world...

Zoë Trop Belle invites women to embrace a colorful experience through the elegance and beauty of delicate jewelry. With Zoë Trop Belle, Stéphanie aspires to offer women a dainty, chic and modern look!

‘Jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear’ – Iris Apfel.

And for Stéphanie, that says it all! She started creating jewelry for herself, then friends and family and ultimately decided to dedicate her time to her passion and launched Zoë Trop Belle in 2014, whilst living in the USA. She continues to pursue her dream in the Netherlands, where she currently lives with her family. Born in Normandy, France, she embraces life through her different adventures abroad and continues to be inspired by life’s journey.

Carried by a childhood dream, she named her creations after her daughter, Zoë.

Zoë Trop Belle comes from a nickname she gave her daughter when she was born, “Zoëtrobel". ‘Trop Belle’ meaning ‘So Beautiful’…

Inspiration comes with the flow! Stéphanie closes her eyes and imagines her next creation. She either has a specific idea of what she wants and will then start making the piece of jewelry, or she just spreads the different materials in front of her and starts assembling them based on what inspires her at that moment.

She is committed to producing the perfect piece of jewelry to please every woman, as she genuinely cares about what they feel. Her creations are oriented towards a fine and delicate design for elegant and modern women, who strive to embrace happiness and fun in their life.

Stéphanie dedicates a lot of her time to searching and sourcing the right materials to consistently meet her personal demand for creating high quality pieces.

She carefully designs her jewelry by harmonizing colors and materials, incorporating different techniques such as Bead Weaving and Macramé, and combining the elegance of different metals such as sterling silver with different gemstones, glass beads, cords and high-quality leather making every design so unique.

Designers often have a slight preference for a particular design and in Stéphanie’s case she especially loves to make bracelets. She’s not one to limit herself so of course Zoë Trop Belle also offers necklaces and earrings too. She names her collections after people she cares for and on occasion gets her inspiration from exotic names.

‘You must take the Choice, to take the Chance, if you want anything in life to Change’

“I believe I made the right choice years ago to pursue my dream, and today I feel grateful for what life is offering me. Grab the opportunity and make it happen. Do what you love and happiness will follow. I thank everyone for all the support. Be free, be Zoë Trop Belle!”


Vatertag - father's day - Fêtes des pères
No idea what to bake for father's day? Here you can discover an easy, quick & delicious recipe...


Severine Bauer
Aujourd'hui, je voudrais vous présenter une artiste créative, talenteuse et qui nous enchante avec ses histoires pour petits et grands, le tout, accompagnées de ses dessins.

Laissez-vous inspirer par les revues de presse, découvrez ses livres et surtout allez découvrir ses dessins sur Instagram: cvrinebauer


An other week to go and still the same question: "what do we cook today?"
Here some menu suggestion, recipes & good plan...
I hope you get inspired & dont hesitate to leave me with your feedback!!

This  week Hélène & I created you 2 new weekly menus to inspire you with new ideas, recipes. In Addition, there is a "good plans" list.


How many times have you heard these sentences before?
"What's for lunch today? What did you have planed tonight, honey? More pasta!! Can't you make something else?"
And you, you ask yourself the same questions over and over again: "I'm out of ideas; I don't know what to make for dinner? I'm not going to make rice for the third time this week !! the fridge is empty, etc...
It is with this idea that Hélène & I met this week "from far away" to exchange our recipes, menus of the week, as well as our ideas and good plans to help each other and facilitate the new week of quarantine.

For those interested to watch the short video:

And for those interested to get some of our ideas and good plans, you can find it here:

Podcast Live

Après plus de 3 semaines de confinements et voir plus pour certains, entre le télétravail, les enfants, le partenaire, la cuisine, les courses, 24h/24h les uns sur les autres, la liste est longue et j'en passe... La probabilité d'être pris d'assault par le désordre et le chaos est relativement grande...
Après notre 1er podcast ensemble au mois de décembre, Hélène de DessineMoi-Munich m'a proposé de retenter l'expérience, cett fois-ci: LIVE afin de pouvoir échanger & d'avoir la possibilité de poser des questions autour du sujet sur "Comment lutter contre le chaos pendant la quarantaine?" - petit guide de survie.
Retrouvez-nous mercredi 8 avril à 17:00 live sur zoom: https://zoom.us/j/489396418


Organisation, order, cleaning, declutter is like a circle. You can always do something. This is perpetual. Order is linked with organisation. When your home is properly at your image; you feel free, relaxed, happy about the space where you live; This is cleaned & ordered. Then, starts the 2nd part: the organisation. I provided you with some ideas on how to spend your free time to clean, organise, order, etc... your space.
You can always do more, according to what you are expecting for "your own space".

Day 10 & last day of my "spring cleaning" how to spend the time at home...
Car & bike
If you have managed to really do everything, every day cleaning & declutter, well done!!! This is great!!
Today, I would say is more a program for our "male partners". They also are able to help & clean "their toys" themselves.

Bedroom means room for the parents, as well as, for the Children, if you have one ... Kids'room!!!!
Lots to do if you want to get the perfect place.
Follow eventually my guidelines and your instinct to reorganise your bedroom; and do the same together with your Children.
Sorting the clothes out means discipline, being straight foward and ask you the right question about your clothes!!!

Bathroom is the same story as kitchen; this is a never ending story. We have too many cosmetics products, kids' toys, hundred of shower gels & shampoos, etc...Where can we store them, how can we store them when we dont have enough space???
The Medicine cabinet is up-to-date??? We Keep everything in case of…???
Time to clean & sort your products out... Free your space!!

Kitchen is a longer Story as the books...

You can spend hours and hours optimising your kitchen; trying to put the food and ustensils at the right place; you know what??? No matter what it has been said, you need to try out. Everybody is different, everybody has a different kitchen and another style to cook and to use the ustensils… You need to try it out!!! There are some rules you can follow at the beginning; at the end, you will follow your own feeling and how you feel more confident to move and cook in your kitchen...

As I am just suggesting some ideas to spend your time during the "stay home" and I dont want to overwhelm you with too much unpleasent things to do &  as I mentioned…
Kitchen is a very Long story; therefore, I will start today just with...

2nd week of "cleaning" ideas on how to spend the day at home...   

CD / DVD / Video games

 Do you still have some VHS???and eventually also some tapes?

Now, I think it is really time to say them goodbye; except you listen to them at least once a week and/or you still have the equipment.
For the CD/DVD & the Video games, you can get some ideas how you can save some space, or you may know them already; you just need to start...




How to use the time usefully when you are forced to stay at home - day 5
Today is about books
A very long story...
Are you sentimental?
No matter what you are going to decide, what you really shouldn't do with your books is to throw them away.
Books represent life, history, culture, tradition, story to tell, written with love, passion, soul, etc...
Give them a second life !!! 
And if you are really bored, you can start sorting your books out alphabetically, by size, by colours, by topics, by use, etc...
It may add you one more day on your list of "organisation & declutter".

Newspapers are like letters, documents, invoices, etc... we receive them everyday in our letterbox. We Keep them, gather them, in case of...
In case of "we may need an Information", "I could read the article later on", "it can be useful in case of…"
And what do you really do?
Did you already observe yourself, when you check your letterbox? What do you Keep? Do you get rid of the advertising straight away? or do you keep it?


Documents, paperworks are all ballasts for us, for our mind. As long as you haven't sorted them out and stored them properly, or even paid your invoices; the ballasts remain present, at the back of our head. Observe yourself and feel the difference when you manage to store & organise all your paperworks...

How survive when you have to stay at home with your whole family, your appartment is transforming into a "co-working" space and your dining table is becoming an office desk...
It may sound cheesy or very simple; however, this is a question of self discipline & organisation. Think and behave you should have to handle with your "colleagues". And they are between "5" and "xx" years old.

New Workshops :

Due the curent Situation, the Workshops have been postponed - Let's get organized!
You have enough having the feeling you dont have time for anything and you are running after the time? Hélène Cuney from Dessine-Moi Munich and myself from Raeumlich Gluecklich have organized a friendly and practical workshop to make the most of 2020 and say once and for all goodbye to chaos and procrastination! It will be followed by a networking around a snack bar after the workshop.

The workshop is opened to everyone.
Join us & book your ticket, the number of places is limited!

Due the curent Situation, the Workshop has been postponed  Trier, ranger, organiser son espace intérieur

I am pleased to have been asked by La Ruche Munich, The Munich French Woman Networking, to organise and present a workshop about my passion: order, organisation & optimization of its home.
The workshop will be held in french language and I will have the opportunity to show a real "case study" in the kitchen of our gast. I will discover it at the same time with the participants.


Mental Load by woman - burnout
very interesting article about the mental load by woman. This is in german and this should be also read by men...
https://lnkd.in/dY3knzn #woman#mental load#burnout#partner#relationship#family#work

November 30, 2019

  • Merci à Hélène Cuney de Dessine-Moi Munich de s'être intéressée à ma passion pour le rangement, l'odre et à ma vie sur Munich. J'espère que mon parcours et celui d'Hélène permetteront de donner le courage à certains de vivre sa passion et de se lancer dans une nouvelle aventure.
  • Thank you Hélène Cuney from DessineMoi Munich for being interested in my passion for order, cleaning and in my life in Munich. I hope that  Hélène's career and mine will help some people to provide them the courage to live their passion and to embark on a new adventure.
  • Vielen Dank an Hélène Cuney vom DessineMoi Munich für Ihre Interesse an meiner Leidenschaft für Ordnung, Organisation und an meinem Leben in München. Ich hoffe, dass unsere beiden Karriere einigen Menschen den Mut geben, ihre Leidenschaft zu leben und sich auf ein neues Abenteuer einzulassen.

The podcast*: https://lnkd.in/dB_a5Ec 
#passion#organisation#nouvelle chance

*The podcast is in French language.

November 18, 2019 

  • Ich hatte die Ehre an den Podcast* für Jerome Lecot von Connexion Emploi teilzunehmen und über mein Studium und meine professionelle Berufserfahrung in München zu erzählen. 
  • I had the Chance to participate at a podcast* for Jerome Lecot from Connexion Emploi, where I talked about my University time and my professional experience in Munich.
  • J'ai  eu l'honneur de participer à un podcast* pour Jerome Lecot de Connexion Emploi, pour raconter mon Parcours universitaire et mon expérience professionnelle. 


*The podcast is in French language.